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Facebook Engagement

$49.99 / month

Our service will help you interact with your audience with a powerful set of Facebook tools that were specially designed to plan, manage and analyze all your social conversations. If you’re into Facebook marketing our service is the tool for you!

  • Account runs 3 Days per week (Monthly)
  • 10 Hours per day
  • Includes All Features Below

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What Will You Get?

We will take care of your social media so you can focus on your business


Find Groups and Pages in your niche
  • We can search for thousands of targeted groups and pages in your niche and expand your reach.
Join/Unjoin Groups in your niche
  • Join groups in your niche, When we don’t find them useful anymore, we can un-join them.
Invite friends into your groups
  • Let us invite your friends to all your groups to get them more involved in your brand activity.
Invite friends to Pages/Events
  • Let us Grow your Facebook Pages faster by  inviting your friends to join them. This is Facebook marketing 1on1.
  • We like posts on pages, groups, or walls. You will reach a whole new audience and increase your following and traffic.
Accept friend requests
  • We save you tremendous amounts of time by auto accepting friend requests.
Send Friend Requests
  • We expand your audience and reach by sending friend requests to people in your niche that match your search criteria.
Contact other people in your niche
  • We search for people in your niche that are interested in your business and contact them.
Birthday Tool
  • Never miss a friend’s birthday again! We will automatically post your best wishes to your friends on their special day.


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