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Targeting FAQs

Are the accounts you are interacting with real users?

Yes. All users we interact with are real. If you see some users that are questionable, please contact our Customer Happiness team and we will adjust your campaign.

How are you acquiring these follows? Is it by liking a lot of users in hopes that they will like you back?

We will engage with people in your target market by interacting with them. In our monthly subscription, we will be able to make a custom plan for you to provide better targeting of followers (we will send you a questionnaire to fill in about the demographics of your ideal target market).

I am receiving some fake followers through your subscription service. Why is this?

The followers we get are from the competitor accounts you have provided us with. Some of your competitors’ accounts may have fake followers or followers outside of your target market. Please send us the usernames of the accounts that you find inappropriate and we will put them in your blacklist. Furthermore, you may consider revising your campaign. Please contact us if you wish to make revisions to your targeting.

I found an inappropriate account in my followers list. Why is this?

Sometimes questionable accounts slip through the cracks. Please send us the usernames of the accounts that are inappropriate so we can blacklist them.

What do I do if I am getting followers who are not in my target market?

Our service aims to be at least 70%-90% on target. If you find that we have followed accounts that are not in your target market, please provide us their usernames and we will make adjustments to your campaign.

What is a blacklist?

A blacklist is a list of accounts that we will never interact with. They could be competitors, inappropriate users, or users that we previously interacted with already. If you would like to add any users to your blacklist.

What is a whitelist?

A whitelist is for the accounts that you wish to keep and never unfollow. When we begin our service, we take your initial followings and place them in your whitelist. If you would like to add any users to your whitelist.

Why am I being followed by so many business accounts?

If you would not like any business accounts, please contact us and we can change our settings to remove business accounts in our targeting.

Will my close friends and family be accidentally unfollowed during an unfollowing campaign?

When we begin our service, we capture your initial followings and place them into a whitelist (where we will never unfollow these users).

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