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Getting Started FAQs

How does your service work?

We help your Instagram account gain more real followers by interacting with your target market on your behalf. You specify what type of customer you want; we access them through keywords and grab their attention through following their accounts or liking their posts. They will in turn notice your interaction, check out your profile and, from what we have seen, display a 30% to 50% chance of following back.

Is there an online dashboard to see what’s going on?

Unfortunately, we currently do not provide a reporting service. We are still in the process of developing an internal dashboard where you can track the activity and growth of your account. However, if you sign up for our monthly subscription service, we can provide you with monthly reports to show your daily activity and increase in followers.

Will we create or post content to my account?

No. We are only responsible for liking and following users in your target audience. Content management is not included in our services.

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